Filtering the spew

So let’s say that one small part of your job involves blogging about emerging trends and technology.  You long ago decided that the best source for this information is the plethora of Internet sources that can be subscribed to via RSS.  You spent some time figuring out how best to manage the several hundred feeds you subscribe to, and settled on iGoogle, so that you could see the most at once.  Also, it’s browser-based, so I could access it at home or at work, wherever and whenever I had a couple minutes to research.  And I don’t have to read the articles right then; I can right-click to open them in another tab, and bookmark them.

The only downside is that I have to use a second application to share the links I think are worth sharing but aren’t something I’m going to blog.  Well, and the fact that it will follow Google Reader into the sunset this fall.

I never used Google Reader.  I set it up, but it’s really for sitting down and reading stuff, not triaging the huge data flow.  iGoogle does both.  I’ve heard that Google Now might replace iGoogle, but I don’t see a clear transition.  I’ve been following the Reader transition drama in hopes of finding something.

Netvibes comes close but fails in some important UI/UX ways.  The font is awful for that size, there’s too much wasted space on top, forcing me to have to scroll to see all my feeds, and it displays in radically different ways on different screens, making muscle memory impossible.

Pulse is almost there, but is a download; I will have to install it on each computer and that’s a no-go.

Feedly now has IFTTT, which might entice me back, but I can spend a long time searching my feeds on Feedly and get nothing out of it, which is the opposite of what I need.

I like Flipboard for reading the articles right there, but for bookmarking them to blog about later it’s not good.

Anyone want to help me build a new reader?

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