apollorobbinsApollo Robbins was the guest on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” last weekend, and I was struck both by how fast he’s become a household name (I assume he doesn’t feel like it happened fast, but for the rest of us his shift from popular Vegas act to known-by-everyone happened in like two months).

I was also struck by how often in the last two months I’ve thought about the NYT article that introduced him to me.  Partially this is because I spent a few days in there reading Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality, so my brain got rewired to think about cognitive science and psychological manipulation, and partially it’s because I’m working on a couple projects that involve capturing latent abilities a person has and applying them.

So this is a short post, because I basically just want you to go read those two items.  The article will take a couple minutes, and HPMOR will take a couple days.  See you when your brain’s been rewired!

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